Monday, July 11, 2011

Refinery29 Article: When it Comes to Models, What exctly is "Plus Size"?

When it Comes to Models, What exctly is "Plus Size"?, an article written by Nciolette Mason for the esteemed fashion blog Refinery29.

Nicolette interviewed Madeline Figueroa-Jones of Plus Model Magazine, Aimee Chesire of MadisonPlus and Gabi of to get to the truth.

Here is an exerpt: 

"What kinds of clients are looking for models on the smaller end of the range versus the larger end? Aimee Cheshire, Co-Founder and CEO of "It depends on the brand. Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant use more full-figured models than Style 369 or ASOS Curve. The major plus retailers will all overlap, using most of the same models. There is either not enough discovered talent out there, or retailers are not varying who they pick for their lines. Retailers tend to get a lot of flack for not using girls on the larger end of the spectrum, but finding talented models who are size 18+ is just a lot more difficult. The plus industry cannot run before it walks. We are just at the point were size 12's, 14's, and 16’s are starting to be included in major magazines, and this is not yet even on a monthly basis. It is still a rather rare occurrence.   

"Ultimately, the mainstream fashion industry is not ready to integrate larger plus models into the fashion mix. 'Plus' is too frequently presented as a lower quality than its straight-sized counterparts—that larger models are sensationalized and seen as a gimmick. We must take baby steps to ensure that the up-and-coming talent in the industry has the basic resources afforded to them that they have previously been denied..."

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